Benefits of Participation

The main aim of the Tanker Accident Database is to learn from accidents that have occurred, helping to prevent the occurrence of repeat accidents.

Through the successful and effective management of such an industry database, there are many additional benefits, both for the individual company supplying the accident details, as well as for the wider industry, including:

Owner Benefits

  • Free to join and access the accident data analysis
  • Ability to benchmark own fleet accident data against industry data
  • Improve risk assessments
  • Learn from industry accidents
  • Evidence of contributing to accident report sharing within the industry
  • Awareness of rising industry issues and ability to apply mitigation to own fleet

Industry Benefits

  • Identify common root causes
  • Identify best practices (proposed by database Governance body)
  • Provide lessons learned to the industry
  • Identify focus areas within the industry
  • Promote safety initiatives
  • Publish reports freely to the industry