Tanker Accident Database

The decision was made by OCIMF and INTERTANKO to discontinue the Tanker Accident Database as of 17 July 2023.

The Tanker Accident Database has been a valuable tool for the industry in capturing and analysing accidents and incidents, and we appreciate all those who have participated in the programme over the past few years. As the industry landscape evolves, we feel that there is an opportunity to evaluate more comprehensive and dynamic systems that can effectively address the industries changing risk profile. This in turn will help us to develop more targeted industry guidance, best practices and safety initiatives.

Following the Data Protection approach outlined on the site, the data protection methods have been applied for those who submitted incidents details to ensure that only anonymized data has been available or will be retained. All original source data captured in the Data Collection area will be deleted from the system and the anonymized data will be archived.

OCIMF and INTERTANKO remain committed to working together to further enhance safety and operational excellence in the tanker industry. We look forward to your continued partnership and support.